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 User Requirements


High-Speed Internet access is required.

•     Cable modem, DSL, Company LAN connection

•     File Formats: Spots should be in one of the following formats:

•     Recommended: .AVI, .M2P, .MOV, .MPG, or .MPEG

•     Also available: .ASF, .MP4, .QT, .RM, .SWF, .WMV, .AC3, .MP3, .RAM, .WMA, or .DV

•     Codec: H264 or Sorenson

•     Ratio: 720x480, 1920x1080 or 1280x720

•     Audio Bit Rate: 16 bit depth

•     FPS: *29.97 or *59.94 (please contact us for FPS for videos longer than :60)

•     File Size: All commercials must be less than 1 GB in size

•     See for more details

If you have any questions, please contact David Ferraro (757) 321-7863 or

To print out a copy, click this link.