A Partnership with Esprit Decor

Notes from Keith Dix:

One of our new Business Development Consultants, Melissa Coley, brought this customer with her from The Virginian-Pilot where she had spent several years building up a trust with the client, hoping to make this client an annual client like he was before.


Moving into the new territory (for them) of advertising on television, the client, Ricky Christian of Esprit Décor, was a little apprehensive of using a local production company to make his commercials. His store is a high-end furniture store and poor production quality in a commercial would adversely affect his sales.


When I was brought in, I allayed his fears by showing him the type of commercials we were capable of producing and that they would be exactly the type and quality he needed to draw the right customers into his store.

In December, I created two commercials for him, Come Home to Quality and Comfort Store.


The first one is a branding spot showing not only the type and quality of furniture they sell, but also the attention to service their sales associates will give customers. The second spot played on the need that every guy has of wanting to be comfortable while watching the “big game.”