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Ideas sell.

We know this in our very bones. Ideas sell because people can visualize them, get excited about them, can envision a finished product that adds meaning and value. That relates to their lives and the lives of their customers. That makes somebody FEEL something.

When Cox Media approaches a client with an idea, we FOCUS on our clients, ADD VALUE for our Clients, and ENHANCE their marketing strategy, not “sell a schedule.”

"Leading With Creative" enhances partnerships between consultants and producers and gets clients enthused about an idea.





Warrant Realty



Warrant Realty was a Lead line call in opportunity.  The sales consultant included the producer in the initial meeting with the clients, where the clients articulated a need for brand recognition in a crowded marketplace. The producer created concepts playing on their company name and their prior service as Coast Guard personnel, then presented storyboards and scripts in person. The client approved the ideas on the spot.












The :15 versions were later used in a digital campaign which yielded the highest CTR that Cox Media had earned to date.















Excalibur Gymnastics



The owner of Excalibur Gymnastics met with our producer to explained his needs and expectations. After creating the storyboards and scripts, the producer presented two concepts in person, and the client approved both ideas on the spot. The sales consultant sold a spot buy for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
















The spots also ran on the local broadcast station carrying the Olympics. Later, the owner reported that he gained over 150 new enrollments from this advertising. And the spots still have life; Excalibur ran them during the 2018 Winter Olympics.










Veritas Collegiate Academy



Persistence and leading with creative served this client well. The sales consultant had been trying to meet with this client for months. He reviewed what he had learned about the client with the producer, including a description of the school. The producer reviewed their website, and created scripts and a storyboard.

Since their focus was "classical education," the producer used the famous painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence as a concept.

At the client meeting, the consultant presented the positive benefits of advertising with Cox Media, and asked if the producer had anything to add. He did: his storyboard. As the producer presented his idea, he noted that the image he had chosen to represent the "founding fathers" was the same one that hung in the client's meeting room. The clients were so impressed, they embraced the concept immediately and wanted two commercials instead of just one. Script approved, contract signed and marketing challenge solved!