Changing the Conversation

By Mecca Adams (with David Ferraro)

Addicted To Golf - It was a bright spring afternoon when the sales rep came to production and asked if we could provide her client a little “wiggle room” on the production cost of a commercial for a proposal.


An article of faith in Cox Media production is that creative is the foundation of the advertising effort. If you don’t get that right, your advertising money may be wasted, or at least poorly spent.


During conversation we learned that the client proposed a reduction in his original proposed schedule and wanted more. Offering to spend less money generally does not increase your leverage.

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A Partnership with Esprit Decor

Notes from Keith Dix:

One of our new Business Development Consultants, Melissa Coley, brought this customer with her from The Virginian-Pilot where she had spent several years building up a trust with the client, hoping to make this client an annual client like he was before.


Moving into the new territory (for them) of advertising on television, the client, Ricky Christian of Esprit Décor, was a little apprehensive of using a local production company to make his commercials. His store is a high-end furniture store and poor production quality in a commercial would adversely affect his sales.

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“Wow-ing” the Client

Production notes from Producer Mecca Adams—

Two brothers, John and Mickey Chohany, born and raised in Williamsburg, VA took over Second Street Restaurant. The brothers are personally active in the restaurant, ensuring the quality of each patron’s experience. From the moment you cross the threshold, you are a family guest, and to share with family, friends and business associates, is the reason the Chohany brothers are in business. Together Cox Media and the Chohanys created two commercials with this value in mind.


Mark Bradley and I walked in the meeting with a storyboard and script called “Voices,” a concept with little copy but driven by strong images and phrases to describe a feeling and experience. Our script and storyboard was close to what they were looking for. Mickey was sold on the idea but John wanted to go in another direction. Each are passionate about their restaurant, they wanted to express and relay to viewers, Second Street is not “uppity” and pricey…WOW is the phrase Mickey and John continued to use to describe the restaurant. WOW — This is a nice place; WOW — the prices are reasonable.

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