“Wow-ing” the Client

Production notes from Producer Mecca Adams—

Two brothers, John and Mickey Chohany, born and raised in Williamsburg, VA took over Second Street Restaurant. The brothers are personally active in the restaurant, ensuring the quality of each patron’s experience. From the moment you cross the threshold, you are a family guest, and to share with family, friends and business associates, is the reason the Chohany brothers are in business. Together Cox Media and the Chohanys created two commercials with this value in mind.


Mark Bradley and I walked in the meeting with a storyboard and script called “Voices,” a concept with little copy but driven by strong images and phrases to describe a feeling and experience. Our script and storyboard was close to what they were looking for. Mickey was sold on the idea but John wanted to go in another direction. Each are passionate about their restaurant, they wanted to express and relay to viewers, Second Street is not “uppity” and pricey…WOW is the phrase Mickey and John continued to use to describe the restaurant. WOW — This is a nice place; WOW — the prices are reasonable.

Within minutes, the “WOW” commercial was born. Later based on some other concepts, we created a second commercial called “Locals.” The emphasis there was on the brothers expressing their hometown commitment.

The Production Shoot…

The shoot went extremely well. With their characteristic attention to detail, the Chohanys supplied models and extras including friends, family and staff. Our crew of Director of Photography John Warner and our lighting assistants worked our shot list efficiently, so that we could gather additional footage for future projects.

The Chohany brothers think very independently and getting them to “yes” was a little challenging, but they saw the quality of Cox Media’s production work online… They said they liked the way Mark and I presented and felt as if they could express their opinions and were guided in the right direction.


Follow up…

On Super Bowl Sunday, I ran into John Chohany in a neighborhood grocery parking lot. He raved about the positive response from the commercials and said the Newport News location has never done better than Williamsburg until now. In that moment he mentioned a special promotion the restaurant is doing for Valentine’s Day. At that moment, John and I agreed to create a holiday overlay for the “WOW” commercial to carry over the continuity of his print and online ads.

More proof that ideas matter, and that following up with clients leads to stronger long term relationships and better results. To say nothing of happier clients.